Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Long Night

A long night it has been. Feel like I have gone through a weeks worth of energy in the last six hours. Had to take an opioid tablet at 21:30 last evening in order to secure enough relief from my physical pain in order to be able to fall asleep.

Slept from around 22:30 until 01:00, then was back up. While I never really get "good" sleep - - - my sleeping patterns have been unusually disturbed since mid-January.

Latte' had diarrhea on her futon around 02:55. Seems strange to me that she would have anything to excrete, since she has not eaten for four weeks . . .

Everything is now squared away. Not much sense in trying to get back to sleep, as I need to be awake at 06:00.

Mental Health appointment on Wednesday at 10:00. Got to finish the intake appointment started last week. 

Thinking right now about the work remaining on my Presidential Investigation Package. A few folks have heard my "personal veterans" story, and viewed the document chain that bears out what I have told them thus far. None of them have heard "the rest of the story" as of yet. That story, will have to wait until the White House Investigation is complete. I firmly "believe" that it will be at least as big as the Petraeus sex scandal. But I cannot even think about continuing work on it for the moment.

Erika had her ENT appointment at Kaiser-Moanalua yesterday afternoon. No cancer!!!!

Special Thank You to Tamura-san for providing time and transport to and from. Mahalo, Masa.

Received a nice, hand-written motivational note yesterday from Rob at our storage facility, along with our payment receipt. Helped to ease the stress of the day.

Will (Re)start walking with the Neighborhood Watch group sometime within the next two weeks. Things should settle down by then, I would hope - - - think - - - wish - - - pray.

Also planning on making major dietary changes in the near future. More fruits and vegetables. More live food. Less meat and processed junk. Going to get back to my daily 15 Km walks. Should begin to happen over the next few days. Basically, right now I feel like a physical train wreck. That has to stop stat !!!

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