Thursday, February 28, 2013

Post Mortem Errands for Latte'

Been a busy two days since Latte' passed away. She has now been cremated, and her ashes returned. The engraving shop has the details for the memorial plate for her urn. Got the photo frame, etc.

Have the bone from her Right Front paw which will be encased in a clear polymer to form a paperweight.

Thank goodness my VA disability arrived on time this month! I am really putting it to good use . . .

Have not had much sleep the past two days. What little I have had - - - was not "good" sleep. Been living on energy drinks for awhile. Ate a Bologna and Cheese sandwich for dinner this evening. Did not feel like eating at all, but forced myself to do it.

Had to get a new cell phone today. The one I was carrying for the last two years became water-logged about six weeks ago - - - and has started acting very mysteriously - - - dropping calls, dialing on its own, losing texts, etc. Did not want to replace the phone until my previous contract had expired. Phone number still the same.

Much more going on, but too tired right now. Going to hopefully get a good nights rest - - - then continue on tomorrow . . .

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