Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crap !!! Need a Zero-Dark-Thirty walk.

It is now 03:30 as I begin this entry. Tonight has been another night that I have experienced my night terrors. After awaking at 00:30 on the 26th, I was finally able to get to sleep approximately 21:00 that evening. I reawakened at 01:30 this morning. The grounding technique did not seem to help. Nor did talking to the spirit of my deceased dog. She watches over me from her ash box as I sleep.

So, have gotten a few hours work done on my package.

Hopefully today, Doctor Ikeda at the Veterans Administration will give me some kind of medication that will help me to regulate my sleep a little better.

A lot of dark thoughts on my mind this morning, but they will remain unsaid for now. I need to walk.

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