Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It has been a BUSY week . . .

It has been a busy week since the death of my Latte'. I have had many things to do, and my emotions of course run to the sad side. Later today, I will be picking up her memorial plaque to mount on the box containing her ashes. Then within the next few days, I will be choosing the pictures to place upon her box.

The house seems so empty - - - even when it is packed to over-flowing with people.

We are going to be having a memorial service for her, however at this time the date is uncertain. Will keep all the local folk posted, should they wish to attend.

As for me, I have been keeping my mental health appointments at Tripler Army Medical Center. Last Wednesday, I underwent an intake screening for the Traumatic Stress Recovery Program. This coming Friday, I have my orientation.

I have received many, many e-mails and cards of sympathy. I wish that I had the time to thank each of you individually. Unfortunately, this public post on my blog will have to suffice. There are simply too many things happening in my life right now.

Last night, was the first time in over a month that I have been able to get out and walk with the neighborhood citizens patrol. It was really nice to see the guys, and to catch up on various aspects of our lives. It was also nice to get out and walk for a little bit. I plan to continue with this as often as I am able.

I so miss my little girl. She bravely hung on as long as she could, to give me time to accept the fact that she was going to be passing out of my life. I am saddened beyond words. There will never be another like her. What an imprint she has left upon my heart . . .

Yesterday, I was given a very useful, valuable item that is an olive-drab green color. I remember when at the age of 19, my buddies and I would call it Marine Corps Butt Ugly Green. At 58, it is (to me) the most beautiful color. If I ever manage to get unstuck from this rock and build my sidecar rig - - - I will have the entire rig powder--coated olive-drab green! What a durable, lovely, and tough finish that will be! 

More about the item I was given at a later date, have to properly break it in first . . .

The new phone is working out well, however there are some issues with (my coordination of) texting which really slow me down. Just have to keep working at it, although I do find the lack of all the so-called smart features very relaxing. The battery life is great! I also find myself feeling much better, now that I am not spending any time on Facebook.

 Inserting a shameless plug here for the Oasis of my Soul, a blog authored by my friend Ara Gureghian.  I find it both inspirational, and quite insightful. Highly recommended reading! Without doubt, it is the most helpful (for therapeutic purposes) blog I have ever read.

Work is now resuming on my Presidential Investigation Package that concerns the recoupment of my lost military retirement. I should be able to get that out within the next 10 days without too much problem, provided that I am able to work on it for 4 to 5 hours daily. Once that is complete, things will finally be underway from the top down. I already have them in motion from the bottom up.

Be Well. Stay Safe.

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