Monday, March 18, 2013

Things progressing better than expected - - - not as well as hoped

Things progressing better than expected - - - not as well as hoped. My T.S.R.P. intake went well with the Veterans Administration. Have my first counseling appointment this morning. Must be at Spark Matsunaga ACC by 07:00, so that will necessitate a 05:30 departure from the house. Unfortunately, the city bus/VA van combination will not have me there in time - - - so I must rely upon a friend for transportation. Going to have to research this a bit better over the coming week to see if I cannot get there on my own that early. Will be field testing my new stainless steel, leak-proof Theramax coffee mug. As I sometimes have problems with dropping glass mugs, due to the "lump-lumps" now growing in my fingers as well as the rest of my body --- I decided to use my gift certificate that I received for Christmas to buy some new coffee cups that will not break. Works well at home. Will see today how it works on the move . . .

Last Wednesday, I had an appointment with the VA optometrist. Dr. Riezman wrote me new prescriptions for both my reading and distance vision. Should have my new glasses by next week. One pair for distance, One pair for reading. My prescription for computer usage has not changed.

Presidential investigation package is 90% complete. Going to be collating it sometime the end of this coming week, or the beginning of next and getting it in the mail. I will be so happy when it is on its way. Then, I should be generating the remaining packages at the rate of one every two to three days - - - just a matter of some minor revisions to the individual recipients. Will be glad when all are finally on the way in the mail. Quite a bit of work to get done over the next 45 days or so . . .

Started using my VidaOne nutrition monitoring software again yesterday morning. Tired of being obese. Goal is to drop 22.5 Kilograms over the next year through rigorous calorie monitoring. Have not been doing near enough walking the last two months. That is going to change as well. Will start with five-thousand steps per day average, working up to twelve-thousand steps daily average over the next year. Here is a baseline summary:

Going to be taking a lot more private time over the next few months. Have things I need to be doing for myself. Not explaining, just going to do. Whatever the personal cost, it will be worth it in the end. For both Mama and I . . .

Hopefully, this computer will hold out until this ongoing project is complete. This HP has really surprised me. Did not expect it to last as long as it has. My first laptop. Next one will hopefully be a MacBook Pro. So damned tired of Microsoft. Not even going to bother learning the "new" Windows 8 at all.

Sleep this past week has included the normal night terrors. Up most (if not all) five out of the last seven nights. Will be asking VA social worker for some sleep inducing aids, and definitely want to get on Chantix ASAP. Not sure why the VA opposed to giving it to me. Will be pressing for definite answers.

Deactivated my Facebook account yesterday. Not going back. Another distraction in my life that I do not need at this time.

Time to get serious again in all aspects of my life. Zero time for joking around.

Be Well. Stay Safe.

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