Monday, March 11, 2013

Made it back Home out of the T.S.R.P. Orientation

The appointment last Friday at Spark Matsunaga ACC went fairly well. At the conclusion, I did have to talk to more than one person before I was allowed to leave. My feeling is that they were truly concerned, and had I not given them the answers that I did - - - I would've not been allowed to leave to return home.

The gentleman that conducted the orientation, was one of the most straightforward people I have ever met with the Veterans Administration in over 20 years. The information he provided was excellent, current, and to the point. He did not waste my time. I am under no misunderstandings, as to what to expect from my upcoming treatment. This is a major, refreshing change from the dealings that I am used to having with the Veterans Administration.

After I arrived home, I did have to send an e-mail to the gentleman who conducted the orientation - - - with my DD 214 attached. This also, is something new. For years, I have been asking when the VA people will get e-mail accounts (that the veterans may send to) in order that we might save time if they need some documents, rather than have to run all the way up to Tripler Army Medical Center. The answer over previous years has been that they are trying. Trying??? The rest of the world has been using e-mail since the early 1990s.

Glad to see that the VA is finally starting to catch up to the rest of the veterans that they are supposed to be serving. One can only hope that they continue their progress. And maybe increase the speed with which they are doing it. After all - - - they are only about fifteen years behind the power curve . . .

He also informed me that I will be undergoing sessions with my therapist of choice. I do not yet have my treatment schedule. I am sure that I will be hearing from them within a matter of a week or so. I already know, my therapist of choice will probably be most beneficial to me during our sessions. They have already proven themself so, when we had our individual intake session.

I think that there may be a ray of light at the end of the tunnel! One thing is certain. Should I fail to crawl towards that ray of light, this person will not be afraid to kick me in the ass in order to move me forward. Being a Combat Vet, they will know just how to get it done properly. Still fresh enough out of theatre - - - to have not lost their edge. I see that as a very good thing.

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Anonymous said...

A big thumbs up on this one! Finally, people who actually listen and are ready and willing to work with you. Wishing you much success with your program!