Monday, March 11, 2013

Today was a "Hijacked" day - - - So planning to pull an All-Nighter

Did not get near as much accomplished today as I had planned. When I first logged onto the computer this morning, I had forgotten that my backup software would run a weekly verification to check the integrity of all the backups on my external drive. This normally occurs on Sunday, and does not begin until I have been logged on to the computer for 5 minutes. It runs in the background, and does not prevent me from using the computer.

Unfortunately, during the Daylight Saving Time shift this past weekend - - - my computer did not automatically update my world clock settings. We do not observe DST in Hawaii. Thus, I was forced to make a manual adjustment this morning. I logged on, adjusted my clocks - - - then was required to reboot in order for the changes to take effect.

During this process, I exceeded my 5 minute "grace period" with respect to the backup software timeout period to begin the integrity verification process. As the computer was shutting down to reboot, the integrity verification process began. I was then locked out of my computer for approximately 2 1/2 hours waiting for it to complete.

This delay meant that everything I had planned to accomplish this morning, I did not even get started on until approximately 1100 hrs.  Major "self-inflicted" pain in the ass!

I had planned to go walk with the neighborhood citizens patrol this evening, but as I was running approximately 2 1/2 hours behind my projected schedule - - - I decided during dinner with my friend Masa, that I would just let that slide for this evening.

Had a very nice fish dinner at the Shrimp and Barbecue (the high point of my day) place on Keeaumoku Street. While the hour and a half spent socializing with Masa was nice (and the mental break) and needed, I am still running behind where I want to be. Therefore, I am contemplating pulling an all-nighter on the computer tonight to get caught up.

Tomorrow morning, Erika has an appointment at Kaiser-Moanalua Hospital with the EENT clinic. Time to do the radioactive dye test again, to check for cancer. I hope that all goes well for her. While she is doing the test, I will be down at the storage area continuing to get our belongings squared away, and to make some room in case we have to move.

Was talking on the phone this morning during the zero-dark-thirty hours, with an old Desert Storm shipmate. While I will always miss Latte', and no one can - - - or will ever replace her - - - I am now ready to get a new dog as soon as possible. Latte' was my first. She taught me the joys of having a dog in my life. Now having experienced those joys, I find myself quite unwilling to be without them ever again. I require a new dog, and I will have one as soon as it is practicable.

Hopefully I will get caught up to where I need to be later this evening, and then be able to obtain an hour or two of rest before getting back up to finish what I need to get accomplished today. Tomorrow and Wednesday are going to be long days . . .

Be well. Stay safe.

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