Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Looking forward to getting into my groove . . .

My session Monday at Tripler went fairly well. Much better than I had expected. Some of the things that we discussed, and that I have some homework on are: sleep hygiene, exercising in the morning versus night, sticking to a calorie controlled diet, and not making too many major lifestyle changes all at once.

I will be having an upcoming appointment, in order to obtain some heavy-duty prescription sleep aids. I am also cutting way down on my caffeine intake. I truly do not know how much caffeine I take in on a daily basis, but it is safe to say that I know for sure I am drinking at least fifteen 8 ounce cups of coffee daily. Yesterday, and today - - - I have only allowed myself two 8 ounce cups of coffee in the morning. I am experiencing major cluster headaches, but expect those to pass within a few days. I am taking aspirin for the headaches, and it does seem to help a bit.

My friends who are aware of the changes that I'm going to make in my life, are trying to be helpful to a point. However, knowing far better than them that I am at all on-all off type personality - - - their suggestions of "just take a few weeks to cut it back a cup or so a day", are not going to get the job done. I will basically cut it off immediately, and suffer the consequences. A test of will. One that I shall pass. The headaches caused by caffeine deprivation will lessen over time . . .

Erika and I continue our housecleaning of the wreckage of our lives. Our next project will be to move down to the storage facility, and start clearing away items that we pay to store - - - but have not used nor seen for years. If you don't use it at least once weekly, what the hell is the purpose of having it? With the exception of all of my military documentation, and my photos of Family, Friends, Latte', etc.

Progress on my presidential investigation package continues. I am now at the 92% mark, and hope to be getting it out of here within the next week to 10 days. After that, I should be able to generate a package into the mail to the remaining personnel on my list - - - every 2 to 3 days.

While life is not good yet, it is getting better! This coming Sunday morning, I will be starting a hard and fast caloric monitoring diet in order to loose approximately 40 pounds during the course of the next year. No matter how much well-meaning social pressure (there will be a lot) will be put on me by my friends, I have zero intention of giving into it - - - and that is not up for further discussion, nor negotiation.

My goal for the next year, will be to get back into at least 80% of the physical condition that I was in while on active duty some 20 years ago. That will be the most important change for the better that I can make in my life at the current time.

Be Well. Stay Safe!

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